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9 October 2008 / erikduval

Snowflakes at OCN

See, this is why I like to present the snowflake effect to audiences: today, I did so at the OCN conference in Amsterdam, which ran under the banner of “knowledge climate change”…

After my talk, Elsbeth mentioned to me that she had read about artificial snow. This evening, she sent me the reference: turns out one of the artificial snow installations costs about 23 million euro and the estimate for the total cost of artificial snow in Europe is 3 billion euro! (Yes, billion!) That’s a lot of snowflakes!

Elsbeth also explained that the snowflakes in artificial snow are not unique: I tried to find more information, but haven’t been able to confirm this… Would appreciate a pointer if you know more!

Of course, I know that she was suggesting that some of the magic of human personalization may be lost when we automate it, but that would be where I disagree. In any case, if we need to rely on humans for personalization, then it will only be in reach for a small privileged few of us. Who else can afford a radio station just for himself?

Still, VERY much appreciated the feedback. And the questions from the audience: more about those later, no doubt…


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