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14 October 2008 / erikduval


Thanks to open publishing, I cannot only mention that Xavier Ochoa is now dr. Ochoa, after he defended a few weeks ago his PhD on “Learnometrics : metrics for learning objects”.

You can also see the really nice slides he used (I’ve already started re-using some parts!) and read the full text of the thesis from our institutional repository.

I am very excited about this work, as it actually measures things. Like in real science 😉

Not unexpectedly, there are many exponential distributions in learning object land. But there are some unexpected findings too: the growth in the ARIADNE repository for instance is bi-phase linear (slide 18).

More surprising? We did not find any support for the “reusability paradox“: reuse does not decrease with increasing granularity (slide 31)!

We will be continuing this line of research: now that we finally have the basic infrastructure in place to start measuring things, we should re-visit some of our original assumptions and evaluate whether they really hold, when and when not, why or why not…

Most probably, you also have some questions you would like to empirically test? I would love to hear from you if this is the case! Maybe we’re already working on trying to answer them…


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  1. Jerry / Oct 16 2008 7:20 am

    Hi Erik,
    Please pass on my congratulations to Xavier when you see him.


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