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19 October 2008 / erikduval

Snowflakes everywhere – now also in your ears…

My Great Friend Wayne and I continue our work on the Snowflake Effect: we have started a weekly podcast series on this topic: the site is still a bit rough (isn’t everything always “a work in progress”, until it is no longer relevant?), but the content may be of value to you – a link to subscribe in iTunes is available.

We have also started a text based long slow chat – where we basically each post a snowflake related thought every day. As I wrote when we started this two weeks ago:

A Long Slow Chat, because we will try to post one message every day. The messages will typically be quite short – like in a chat.

We’re rather sure this will be valuable for the two of us. Maybe also for you?

We are definitely learning by doing here, so your comments and feedback are much appreciated! In any case: enjoy!



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  1. Hans de Zwart / Oct 20 2008 8:44 am

    Well, I look forward to listening to it.. “Twist” might become a favourite alongside “Twit” 😉

    Maybe you could publish the following URL as a link to subscribe to the podcast for people whom don’t use iTunes?

  2. erikduval / Oct 20 2008 10:09 am

    Good to add the additional link, Hans: thanks!


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