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18 December 2008 / erikduval

Keep your promises!

As I mentioned before, I have been working on a paper about the role of technical standards for Technology Enhanced Learning. You sent me some really relevant comments: Thanks!

I promised to acknowledge the comments that were really helpful – so thanks Martyn (your page on seems to be password protected :-), Wolfgang and Brian!

In the continued spirit of open research, you can read the version we submitted for review:

Your comments, feedback, etc. are still more than welcome! We’ll have another opportunity to work them into the paper before submitting the final version. Now that the paper is more elaborate, you may have more to comment upon 😉 As before, if your comment results in a change to the document, then we will of course acknowledge your input.

Sometimes, I am told that it is “crazy” to share your work so “prematurely”. Sometimes, I am told that it is “dangerous” as others may “steal” your work. (And I have some experience with that 🙂 ) I don’t worry too much about those things: I really value the feedback. It will be fun and interesting to compare what I get from you with the reactions from the formal reviews.

I promise to let you know afterwards…

(The title of this post was actually the slogan of a manifestation that ran last weekend, to remind the Belgian government that it had promised to “do something” for immigrants without papers who have been here for sometimes more than 5 years, work here, whose kids go to school here, etc. We took part, and both my daughter and my partner featured in the national radio news in the evening… As my 9 year old said: “we need to allow people to come here and take shelter from war at home”…)



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  1. Tore Hoel / Jan 2 2009 12:46 pm

    Sorry I missed the chance to influence your paper. It was very inspirering and made me think hard about standards governance, as you’ll see from my blog

    I share much of your perspectives, even if I have some questions. I look forward to further discussions!


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