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12 January 2009 / erikduval


As any reader of this blog would know, there is quite a bit of interest in the use of tags and folksonomies for learning repositories. Yet, there isn’t that much scientific literature on the topic. (Please do mention references in the comments here!)

That is why I am delighted and very proud to announce the Special Issue on Social Information Retrieval for Technology Enhanced Learning that Riina, Nikos and I co-edited for JoDI.

The issue grew out of SIRTEL07, a Workshop on Social Information Retrieval for Technology-Enhanced Learning we organized at ECTEL07. As we mention in the introduction:

The first workshop gave impetus for a Special Issue of the Journal of Digital Information (JoDI) to present the state-of-the-art of this exciting new and emerging field. In addition to revised versions of the workshop papers, two other papers were invited from researchers who contribute actively to this field. After a rather demanding review process with three reviewers per submission and two review rounds, we were very happy to conclude with five excellent papers that address several aspects of SIR techniques and their application within the context of Technology Enhanced Learning.


(And did I mention that feedback is welcome?)


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