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16 January 2009 / erikduval

Spaces of interaction

You may probably spend less time than I do at conferences and events. But you must have wondered too about how we can make better use of technologies to replace enrich conferences and workshops?

Things I’ve seen and been involved in:

  • make the papers available beforehand and use the time for discussion and demos, because those are more difficult to do remotely or asynchronously;
  • use twitter as a real-time backchannel for conversation between the participants and feedback to the presenters;
  • enable remote presentations or remote attendance;
  • make recordings of the presentations, the presentation material, etc. available post event.

You may have experienced other technical enhancements of conferences? Please share below in the comments! Of course, there are many un-conference experiments that look at this topic to0…

In any case, the AACE is trying to figure out how to make use of technology in the many events it is organizing. And they do this … through an on-line conference on “Spaces of Interaction: An Online Conversation on Improving Traditional Conferences“. You can enroll at the web site… We’re getting some Really Good People involved, so this should be really interesting!


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