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22 February 2009 / erikduval

Promised and Published

About two months ago, I posted a paper proposal that we submitted to the IEEE TLT vision issue “On the role of technical standards for Learning Technologies”.

I promised feedback on how comments compared to review feedback. The paper is now published. So, I guess that it is time I keep my promise… Basically, the formal reviewers gave some good editorial comments (conclusion was too weak, for instance) and one reviewer asked to expand the paper quite considerably. In fact, if we had done what he suggested, then I think we would have published a rather large book 😉 .

The main blog comments we received (after those on an earlier version) came from Tore Hoel. It seems like we share a lot of common ground, but that Tore wants a better theoretical foundation of standards work and believes that we should not separate specification development from standards work all that much. Interestingly, IEEE seems to think that Tore Hoel’s paper from ICALT is the most related one to our published one, so there is some consistency there 😉

Anyway, I’m rather happy with the paper and, proud to be part of a special issue that includes some really nice papers:

Hope you’ll like it too… Comments, of course, still welcome!


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