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12 March 2009 / erikduval

10 days to ECDL deadline

The deadline for the European Conference on Digital Libraries (September 27 – October 2, 2009) is 21 March: 10 days to go!

Together with Jane Hunter, I chair the content special track:

The 13th European Conference on Digital Libraries, under the general theme “Digital Societies”, plans to host a special track on Content managed in Digital Libraries.

The papers in this special track should be original and of high quality, addressing issues in areas such as:

  • Composite content and how both compound objects and their components and interrelationships, can be discovered, managed, re-used and exploited through flexible access;
  • Time-dependent content (for example,  sensor data, podcasts, YouTube), and how its temporal characteristics present challenges associated with  storage, querying and visualization;
  • Large volume content, such as scientific data sets or high resolution image data sets (for example from satellites or electron microscopes) and the specific requirements they impose;
  • Dynamically-generated content that is in a constant state of flux and incorporates near-real-time data and information (e.g., blogs, environmental or stock market reports) and how such content can be archived, searched and managed;
  • 3D-4D content – increasingly 3, 4 or more dimensions are being used to represent digital objects particularly in the cultural and scientific domains. Indexing, storage, retrieval and preservation of such rich, multidimensional data sets requires innovative approaches;
  • License issues for digital library content and how they are evolving along creative commons and related “open access” approaches;
  • Preservation issues and how they impact on the architecture of digital library systems, as well as on the workflows of its users;
  • Authority issues – how digital libraries are adapting to manage the increasing amounts of content being generated from non-authoritative sources (e.g., through citizen science or social networking projects, YouTube, Flickr).

The aim of this track is to document the state-of-the-art in content for digital libraries and to discuss the main open research issues, so that more effective progress can be made in this area.

We do look forward to your submissions!


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