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18 March 2009 / erikduval

Snowflakes in Riaydh

I didn’t expect that the first question someone would ask me upon arriving in Saudi-Arabia would be whether I am related to Robert Duvall 😉 There were quite a few other things I didn’t expect: people are extremely nice and interested and informed about the research and development in technology enhanced learning. We should definitely aim to integrate this part of the world better in what we do…

At the ELI conference, I presented on the Snowflake Effect and how it helps us to deal with the abundance of learning objects that is coming…

There is a real feeling here of excitement and commitment to building an infrastructure that makes a difference. I urged participants to create a pan-Arabic network of repositories and connect to the rest of the world and have been discussing with numerous folks how we can make that happen. (To those of you who talked to me a bit later in the day, apologies that I ran out of business cards 😉 )

I am quite convinced that we will begin to see a more active involvement of the Arab world in this domain and hope to welcome new members to GLOBE soon…



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  1. Nouf.k / Mar 19 2009 12:55 am

    Hello Prof.Duval,

    It was very interested presentation and funny too.

    I know it’s your first time visiting my country, and I hope it won’t be the last.

    Most of the attendances were interested in focusing on a single title or subtitle. I know it’s your first time but we were so sad that wasn’t enough time 😦

    Thanks again

    King Saud University


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