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21 March 2009 / erikduval

Andy Powell on Music as a source of inspiration

Andy Powell has some valuable comments on metadata and repositories, extrapolating from his experiences with music at and spotify.

I agree with most all of what Andy mentions, including the importance of

  • social activity around content;
  • a resource oriented approach;
  • a REST based architectural style;
  • designing for “residents” rather than “visitors”;
  • linking to related things;

BTW, this is a very slideshare friendly kind of slideset. I am not sure how well this style works for a presentation, but it certainly makes it very easy to follow the train of thought. Maybe, in Andy’s words, this style is more “of” the Web than just “on” the Web…

In any case, there is lots of Food for Thought here, for developers of institutional and learning object repositories alike! Would be great if you would share your thoughts in the comments here…


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