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25 March 2009 / erikduval

Shift happens v3.0

I you have 5 minutes and 16 seconds to spare today, then you could do worse than spend them on the video below…

“So, what does it all mean?” Indeed…

For me, this is about the importance of learning… For you?


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  1. Gillian / Mar 26 2009 3:30 pm

    Hi Erik. Isn’t this a great video? I linked to you and the video but link failed so Gordon Craigie on Twitter (tmpconsultancy) gave me the video link:

    I’ve long been fascinated with timelags in education. ICT degree students often cotton on to this problem in very practical ways when they do their sandwich years, discover the rewards so stay out for a few years and then the world moves on so they want to finish their degrees and can not but have to start over at great expense. Less obvious but really worrying in my view is the emphasis on “competence” and I’ll send a link for that separately.

  2. erikduval / Mar 26 2009 8:21 pm

    It IS a great video.

    Not sure why the link failed for you: works fine from here… Anyway, your link is to v2.0, which is also nice…

    The issue of the degree is a real one, but the issue of making sure that students learn things that matter beyond their degree is an even bigger one for me!

    Look forward to your link on “competence”…

  3. tombonte / Mar 28 2009 12:39 am

    Super, echt.

    Voor mij betekenen zo’n filmpjes dromen over een toekomst en zich afvragen waar we over zoveel jaren wel niet toe in staat zullen zijn. Stel je bijvoorbeeld voor hoe gedigitaliseerd ons huis over 20 of 50 jaar kan zijn. En tegelijk afvragend hoe we duurzame ontwikkeling in ons leven zullen integreren.

    Ik hoop dat het je niet stoort dat ik enkele van je video’s op mijn blog geplaatst heb? Met bronvermelding natuurlijk.

  4. erikduval / Mar 29 2009 5:50 pm

    @Tom: Uiteraard stoort me dat niet, integendeel!

    Dromen… Inderdaad, maar het hangt ook van ons af wat we zullen kunnen…


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