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24 June 2009 / erikduval

Looking in the mirror…

After a travel fiasco, I eventually presented our work on an analysis of the EdMedia conference series to the audience in Hawaii from … Belgium. As I had no video or audio feedback from the room, this was somewhat challenging 😉 There is something slightly surreal about sitting in a deserted office building at midnight, talking to your laptop while looking at your own slides and hoping that an audience 12 time zones away can make some sense of what you are saying… It felt a bit like talking to a mirror. Kind of appropriate for a presentation on who we are as the edmedia community… (Thanks to Dave and Martin, I at least had a chat feedback channel.)

This must have been “One of Those Days”, as the recording of our talk didn’t work. Neither did the transmission to the remote participants over Adobe Connect. Seems like we still have some ways to go before the technology is really stable and reliable 😉

However, the slides are online and we will be re-recording the audio, and make it available openly. In the mean time, you can enjoy the nice tool to explore the EdMedia community that Xavier and his team developed. I think that wollpb sums up my view on the tool quite eloquently:

Damn cool!

Anyway, I do regret no being at the conference in person, and I do hope that the Travel Gods will be a bit kinder with me from now on… Have fun in Hawaii!


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  1. CosmoCat / Jun 24 2009 9:12 pm

    Hi Erik,
    That was a great experience for me to be able to remotely attend your presentation and I thank you for the efforts for trying to get the audio back! As I mentionned in one of my tweet, it was an intercontinental moment for me: following you in Belgium and the Audience in Hawaii being here in Tunisia 🙂
    You guys are doing a great job!

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