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16 September 2009 / erikduval

Science2.0 workshop: come join us in Nice!

I’m very excited about the way that our Science 2.0 for TEL workshop at ECTEL09 is shaping up!

We have a nice set of papers, and, of course, in good science 2.0 fashion, they are all available from the Stellar Open Archive:

I’m also quite happy that we will have a presentation and demonstration of Mendeley. And, of course, we will also show our visual exploration of ECTEL.

In related news, I also like the way that ResearchGATE now enables you to claim your publications (from existing digital libraries) and indicates itself whether the publisher allows you to make a copy of the article available under open access. I am on ResearchGate and on Mendeley: so far, these tools haven’t really contributed all that much to my research, but I am SO convinced that the potential is huge… In any case, the workshop and this area of science2.0 really looks like a lot of Serious Fun ahead to me.

By the way, you can still register for the workshop!


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