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7 October 2009 / erikduval


ResearchGATE just sent me the following message:

Dear erik duval,

on your profile you’ve listed yourself as an author of the following papers, which are eligible for self-archiving:

Standardized uniqueness: oxymoron or vision of the future? IEEE standards

Please visit to upload your full papers.

Over 90% of journals now allow self-archiving, and with ResearchGATE you can easily upload full-text versions of your published work to your profile page. Self-archiving is an important part of the open access movement and helps you to increase your impact as a researcher by making your work more visible and accessible. To date, our members have uploaded several thousand full-text versions of their work.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback!

The ResearchGATE Team

This is really smart: I just uploaded the paper. It’s really hard to figure out what version of which paper can be shared when and under what constraints, so this is really helpful. (Though I often adopt an ‘I’ll ask for forgiveness rather than permission’ approach…) I wonder whether Mendeley has a similar feature?


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