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7 November 2009 / erikduval

Good Advice

I regularly get questions from folks who want to start blogging: now there’s nice, simple, clear advice on how to start your own blog. I strongly agree with:

Figure out what to write about, and write it.

Don’t worry about a plan; it’s going to change, anyway. Just think about what your point of view is, and what audience you want to reach (just visualization people? technical people? business folks? everybody?).

Think about what you are doing, what you are thinking about, what keeps you up at night, why you do the work you do. You have to find your niche, but if you’re working in visualization, you likely have that, anyway. Think about what the world doesn’t know about the work you do, the value of your work, and visualization in general.

Write it up, hit submit, done.

It really is that easy.

This is just as true for blogs that do not focus on visualization!

Now if only I could find some similar good advice on how to write a book – have been circling around that goal for too long… Suggestions, anyone?


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