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27 November 2009 / erikduval

Context-aware Recommendation for Learning – what matters?

Next week, at the Alpine Rendez-Vous, we organize a workshop on Context-aware Recommendation for Learning.

I was asked to record a short video to give some background information. You can find it below.

Yes, please, your feedback on the them of context-aware recommendations for learning is most welcome!

Funnily, the original request was to use a DV-camcorder and record on a DVD. I do not have a DV-camcorder – I think. Actually, I am not sure that I know what a DV-camcorder is 😉 And there is no time left to ship a DVD to the organizers. However, I can just launch Quicktime, record the video and upload to youtube, so that the result is instantly available.

This is a nice illustration of a topic that I was discussing with my Great Friend Wayne a bit earlier today: we all often think that something is very complicated or impossible or expensive, whereas in fact it can now be done quite easily at virtually no cost. As Wayne puts it: ‘as what is possible is changing, the focus needs to shift to what matters rather than what is possible’. Food for thought!


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