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21 December 2009 / erikduval

LOM: what next

A quick status update on LOM – as I know that is of interest to many who are not on the LOM mailing list:
Now that the reaffirmation ballot is under way, the LOM working group will focus, as agreed, on the longer term future of LOM.
The idea is to first collect issues that people feel need to be addressed and then to discuss how to address them in a later phase. In other words, we will try to identify the problems before we look for solutions 😉
It would be REALLY useful if those with experience in the deployment of LOM can report on their experiences. For instance, ARIADNE has now collected 400.000 instances of learning object metadata and will report on its experiences. We would VERY much welcome similar experience reports by other parties.
On a practical level, we will have monthly flashmeetings in January and February and probably a half-day or a full-day meeting as part of the IEEE LTSC meetings in the week of March 22 in Orlando in conjunction with the Learning Solutions conference.
Please indicate on the following doodle polls when you would be available for these discussions:
It would be nice if you can fill in the doodle before the start of 2010 😉
I am very excited to start this work: now that LOM is stable for the next 5 years, we can focus on how we want to evolve LOM in 2010!
The meetings are open to all – no need to “be a member”! Feedback welcome…

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