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2 February 2010 / erikduval

Privacy is a currency

Privacy is the core currency of the social web, and like any other type of currency system there’s an exchange rate. In this case, the equation boils down to how much privacy the user is willing to give up in exchange for the features and functionality a site provides. It’s a tricky equation, and the answer varies for every user and for every site.

Most of us give up our location to our phone company in order to receive calls on our mobile.
Most of us give up our buying habits to our supermarket in order to receive a minimal discount through our loyalty cards.
I’m sure that you can think of additional examples?


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  1. Hagen / Feb 20 2010 8:27 pm

    I got the exact feeling that you are saying this as a joke. No intention to be rude. Trying FB, I subscribed, gave my mail, and got as “proposed friends” two people with which I exchanged only business mail. For me it is obvious, and I see this as a naive assertion, that FB sees all my mail, senders, and how possibly not? also messages, so my conclusion is: there is no such a thing called “privacy”, just a degree of how much you are able to perceive of the amount of information “on you” that is freely accessible to anyone interested in it. So, “additional examples”? just being here.

    Greetings from Sardinia, professor Duval, I was at your presentation almost two years ago at CRS4.
    Antonio Tului

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