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21 February 2010 / erikduval

My students talk to me (and you!) about their science2.0 applications…

The students of my course on Human-Computer Interaction have posted their first attempts for the design of a science2.0 application. I commented on their blogs – and so can you, as they all tried to present a storyboard in English…

What strikes me is how easy it has become to make them post a video: typically a set of drawings with a voice-over as in the example below. This is quite convenient, because I can pause or rewind when I want to make a note. Moreover, they can all comment on the submissions from other groups – something that is kind of hard to organize in class. (The course wiki links to the group blogs, where your comments are welcome!)

More related to content than form: almost all the groups focus on the application, even though I had asked them to present a typical user scenario. It is obvious that we still need to work on changing perspective from that of a developer to that of the end user!



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  1. Arne Vandenbussche / Feb 22 2010 12:29 am

    Convincing developers to take the user’s perspective is indeed a major challenge. They often don’t understand what you’re asking.

  2. Arne Vandenbussche / Feb 22 2010 12:31 am

    Was it part of the assignment to do it in English?

    • erikduval / Feb 22 2010 11:09 am

      I think I “strongly encouraged” them to do it in English, so as to make sure that they could get some comments from the outside world…

  3. walter leirman / Feb 23 2010 10:44 am

    Hello or Hi Eric:

    Glad I’ve found your blog.
    Oh yes, the language question.
    I used to be a professor of adult education. Back in 1986, I urged project groups of students who wrote a project report to compose a synopsis in English. So that we could exchange it in our Erasmus network. half of them did, the others found that writing in good academic Dutch was enough of a challenge.
    For a short time, I also taught in Aachen, Germany. I proposed a similar “synopsis in English” excercise. Result: not one student did the job.
    I am still a defender of the Dutch-English combination. But then, as an emeritus, I have no students and no project groups anymore!


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