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28 March 2010 / erikduval


Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking at OCE in the Netherlands. The organizers asked me to come up with some dilemma’s. Here are the two I sent them:

  • The technological evolution has led to an information tsunami. Technology will also enable us to deal with this tsunami. Or should we depend less on technology and remove facebook, twitter, etc. from the professional environment?
  • Personalization has always been the preferred option, but wasn’t scalable to large masses until recently. The technological evolution has made massive hyper-costumization possible. Or is technology making us more stupid, by offering only the mainstream options, at massive scale?

Would be interested in your opinions – if you send them in time, then I can weave them into the talk…



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  1. Xavier / Mar 28 2010 11:22 pm

    Mass production is necessary and has its place in current society. Ikea may not be nice but it is useful (ask poor students or divorced men). For me, the future will bring mass production for most things, that we care little about, and personalization for things that we really care about.

    What for me is a real dilemma is information abundance. We, as humans, were never prepared for that (how many different fruits a caveman had to choose from for lunch?). Technology could “augment” us to cope, but it is a technological arms race, and I am not complete sure that the good side will win.

    As for the “mainstreamzation” of some cultural(?) goods, I think it does not have to do with the technology per se (it is just an enabler), but with human nature. We think ourselves as more unique that we really are. McDonalds is everywhere not because imperialistic reasons, but because those burgers as a just good enough meal for a lot of people.

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