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1 April 2010 / erikduval

4 days, 3 events, 2 talks, 1 theme…

Just came back from my third event in four days: on Monday at Océ, Café Numérique on Wednesday and a talk by Seth Godin this evening…

What struck me as I cycled home this evening is how common the themes were:

  • Joseph Kessels ended the day on Monday with ‘le blues du businessman’ from a musical called ‘Starmania‘. The point? A guy who is a successful professional (some lines sounded disturbingly familiar) and really wanted to be an artist. So, what is the basic point that Seth makes this evening: that we need to stop doing work that can be automated and that we should become artists instead. And what did I try to explain yesterday: that real learning is authentic and passionate – sounds a lot like art?
  • Joseph mentioned on Monday that ‘if you live in fear, you cannot be smart’. As often, I talked yesterday about assuming that things will fail and about getting comfortable with that idea – if you’re not going to fail, then you’re not doing anything interesting… Of course, Seth talks about the same thing: the reptile brain that we need to learn to control.
  • Seth replied to a question about schools this evening by encouraging parents to make children work on difficult problems: ask your seven year old how she would deal with the financial crisis in Greece! I discussed yesterday and on Monday how I make my students work on difficult problems in an open way, connected to the ‘real world’…
  • Seth started his talk today with comments on abundance and personalization. That was the central theme of my ‘Snowflake Effect’ talk on Monday…

Great minds think alike? (Just kidding.) I don’t know… Maybe there is really something going on. Maybe this is not just another hype. Maybe this is really disruptive. I sure hope so!

What do you think?


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  1. erikduval / Apr 2 2010 2:44 pm

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