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30 April 2010 / erikduval

Science at the Table

The topic of Science2.0 continues to gain traction in my research team…

Together with my CHI students, we’ve not only developed thirteen different prototypes for researchers, we’ve also bootstrapped the wikipedia definition for Science2.0, which is evolving rapidly into a nice comprehensive overview of some of the issues involved. (Do feel free to contribute!)

And Bram Vandeputte, one of my Really Gifted PhD. students is developing a nice Science2.0 tabletop application that allows one to explore co-authorship networks, in order to gain an overview of and some insight in the structure of a scientific discipline. This is very much inspired by the idea of the memex: what could an advanced researcher workdesk look like and how could it help us to do research in a more effective or efficient way?

The video above shows an early result of this work in progress. As Bram says: “stay tuned, there is more to come” 😉 !



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  1. Robert Meersman / May 1 2010 5:39 pm

    fascinating! are you guys familiar with the work of Johan Bollen @U. of Indiana at Bloomington, met him there in March. Looks complementary. I suspect synergetic possibilities

    • erikduval / May 1 2010 7:40 pm

      Sure know of the work by Herbert Van de Sompel and Johan – would be another good data set to show in our ScienceTable!

      Actually, Johan’s brother, Dirk, was in Leuven to talk about his tagging research earlier this week. And Johan is set to visit us in the Summer 😉

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