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10 June 2010 / erikduval

Science 2.0 Approach to Research

At the Joint European Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning, I presented this morning to a nice audience on research2.0. I included some of the work my students on CHI did.

One of the questions I wanted to discuss is whether Web2.o tools are part of the problem or of the solution… They could be part of the problem of information overload filter failure, as they not only make more information available, but also increase the number and diversity of channels through which this information comes to us… Then again, they could be part of the solution, as they give us more powerful filtering options: for instance, I heavily rely on my ‘friends’ to suggest relevant Stuff… It seems that the audience was kind of evenly split, with a few folks that felt that web2.0 was part of neither the problem nor the solution. What do you think?

In the talk, I mentioned that I was ‘following’ the EDEN conference and the EuroVIS conference through twitter. In fact, twitter is more relevant to me now than any research2.0 application like Mendeley. Which begs the question: is it despite or because of the fact that twitter was not specifically developed for science? Again, what do you think?

(And, of course, after being introduced with ‘sex and drugs and rock&roll’ last week at 140conf, I now get referred to as the ‘jimmi hendrix of #science2’. Seems like there is a theme developing there… Maybe I should have bought these new sunglasses 25 years earlier!)



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  1. e learning development tools guy / Jul 5 2010 9:15 am

    hi. nice presentation you have here. can i “borrow” your presentation and show it to my colleagues. all the credit is given to you of course.

    • erikduval / Jul 6 2010 1:02 am

      Of course you can: the slides are released under a creative commons license… (Would be interested in your version if you adapt the slides! And in feedback from your audience…)

      Good luck with your presentation!

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