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20 July 2010 / erikduval

Launching the STELLAR podcast series: Peter Brusilovsky on Adaptive Learning Systems

Somewhat silently, the STELLAR network has started a podcast series on Technology Enhanced Learning.

My first contribution to this series has finally gone live: it is an Interview with Peter Brusilovsky in which we explore the impact of adaptive learning systems on learning.

Peter probably doesn’t need an introduction: he is one of the leading authorities on adaptive hypermedia and user modeling and has always had a deep interest in applying these systems for learning.

I much enjoyed the conversation we had after Peter’s keynote at ITEC2010.

We came to conclude that, as many innovations take about 20 years to enter mainstream (the long nose of innovation), and as much of the work on adaptive systems started … about 20 years ago, the real impact of this kind of work may be just around the corner 😉

In any case, I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did – I’d be very interested in your feedback, also because I’ve planned to do quite a few more of these interviews…

And do check out the other podcast issues in the STELLAR series: you may want to subscribe to the series in iTunes: warmly recommended!


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