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21 June 2012 / erikduval

TELeurope audio-visual archive

From the recent teleurope newsletter:

the TELeurope audio-visual archive of talks and interviews at keeps on growing: there are now more than 200 recordings available.

Maybe you can contribute to this archive by adding a Youtube or Vimeo resource? It’s easy: log-in, click podcasts, click add new, paste the link – click save 😉

Whatever you add will be available immediately on TELeurope. After you post, a small editorial committee will review whether the item is relevant and remove it if necessary. (We’ve had no problems so far, but will continue to monitor submissions…)

You must know of some great talks or interviews that are Out There. By submitting them to TELeurope, you will help your colleagues discover these hidden treasures.

Looking forward to discover more Great Stuff thanks to you…! 

Your team!

One of my favorites? “Urban legends in education” by Paul Kirschner. And you may be interested in my recent talk on “learning analytics in mobile learning“.

Feel free to add your favorites!


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