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28 July 2012 / erikduval

Having a life…

As a follow-up to my last message, here is what you get if you send me an email in the next three weeks:

Congratulations, you have reached my Inbox!


However, your message will most likely never be read.


I’m off to the Alps and Tuscany for 3 weeks of Family, Reading, Swimming, Hiking, Eating & Drinking…


When I return on 20 August, I will archive all the messages that arrived in my absence, and start with a clean, empty Inbox 😉


If you send me your message again after that time, I will be delighted to read your undoubtedly extremely interesting and terribly important message then.


Apologies if this is inconvenient, but I’m sure you appreciate the need for a Life too.


You can always send your message to, if you

think my team may be of help…


Or you could take some time off for yourself too 😉

I’ve loaded the car with a few clothes, and more books and dvd’s than we can read in a year. Tomorrow, I’ll add G., the kids and the dogs. We’ll be all set then…



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  1. Wolfgang Reinhardt / Jul 28 2012 4:29 pm

    Enjoy your vacations Erik (I will, however, write you an email just to receive this great auto responder…)

  2. Thomas Goossens / Jul 28 2012 6:23 pm


  3. WWWayne / Jul 28 2012 10:50 pm

    Enjoy the profound joy of time with your family and yourself my friend! Let’s talk when you get back.

  4. Hans De Four (@dj4am) / Aug 28 2012 3:00 am

    Nice experiment. How did it work out? Didn’t you receive a lot of mail once you started working again?

    • erikduval / Aug 28 2012 9:38 am

      Worked well. Got quite a few reactions, all positive – but one 😉 And three or four folks will use a similar message from now on.

      And then, upon my return, I got a few messages each day of people re-sending what they had sent me while I was away. Wonder whether that means that only a few messages a day are worth my attention anyway 🙂 …

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