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16 December 2012 / erikduval

Three of each

Quick question: if you could only recommend three blogs to read, three podcasts, three TED or similar talks, three twitter accounts to follow and three google plus folks to circle, which would you choose?

(The context: trying to identify a bit of ‘flipped classroom’ pre-session material for a session with Gerhard Fischer on ‘cultures of participation’…)


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  1. online learning insights / Dec 17 2012 9:11 am

    Three Blogs:
    1) Hack Education:
    2) e-literate:
    3) Online Learning and Distance Education Resources:

    Three Twitter Accounts:
    1) The Conversation @ConversationEDU
    2) EDUCAUSE ‏ @educause
    3) Joan Vinall-Cox @JoanVinallCox

    Three Ted Talks
    1) Khan Academy talk
    2) Coursera by Daphne Koller
    3) Along Together by Sherry Turkle

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