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24 February 2013 / erikduval

CHIKUL13 started: an OoC?

So, our chikul13 course started last Tuesday. The wiki would be a good place to start if you want to know more… Or the course blog. Or the twitter hash tag.

Is this a MOOC? Well,

  • I don’t think it’s “massive” by any meaning of the word: there’s about 30 of us at the moment;
  • I do think it’s rather “open”: students work together and communicate with each other and the team through public blogs and twitter;
  • It’s kind of on-line: we do use blogs and twitter (and diigo soon) to communicate, but we also do face-to-face “studio sessions” most Tuesday afternoons;
  • I guess it is a course allright 😉

So, I guess it’s more of an MOoC? Anyway, you’re welcome to join!

(Or you could join LAK13, which is more like a MOOc, I guess…)


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