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17 March 2013 / erikduval

Learning Analytics: what to measure?

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure and privilege to do an afternoon session on learning analytics with a group of teachers at the Alberdingk Thijm College, Hilversum.

One of the reasons why I liked the session is because it was more a working session than a presentation. After a brief re-cap, participants brainstormed in small groups on things one might want to measure in a learning analytics context. Slide 18 below summarises the results.

In translation:

  • environment, light, carbon dioxide, oxygen,temperature, colour, weather, air quality, space, familiarity, background noise
  • experience, involvement, stress, boredom, well being, fear, emotions, motivation, feeling of being competent, experiencing success, compliments from teachers and other students, security, bullying, acceptance
  • duration of instruction, attention, learning effects, learning time, measuring every 10 mins whether you get through, best moments for instruction, before or after break, visual or auditory, result
  • physical condition, sleep, eating, brain activity, heart rhytm, movement, teacher and student, breathing, voice, conductance, palm humidity
  • web sites (related to learning or not), search activity, how long, relationship with domain being learned, facebook, alertness, thinking steps, brain activity
  • social, pairing good with less good students or friends, gender, age, talking, keyword extraction, English or Dutch, space, quantity, interaction, between teacher and student,
  • teacher behavior, walking around, interaction, patience, voice, compliments, humour, choice of words, volume, duration, clothes

OK, so this is isn’t perfectly structure, but, obviously, a group of 20 teachers can identify more relevant characteristics in 20 minutes than we will know how to measure, analyse and visualise in the next 20 months 😉

Maybe you have some additional suggestions for things we could also measure?


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