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2 June 2013 / erikduval

Open Learning Analytics at TedX@UHOwest – and a confession

Yesterday, at tedxuhowest, I presented our work on open learning and learning analytics.

I started my talk with a confession: I actually don’t like TED talks all that much… Many can be summarised as “hey, if we all do Good Stuff, then the world will become a better place”. That is probably true, but, paraphrasing one of my PhD students, “that’s just hippie talk”…

What I do like about TED talks is that they are short ;-). And I liked the idea of trying to summarise the essence of what we do in 18 minutes. The video will be posted soon, I think. My slides are below.

The other thing I like about TED events is that you meet Interesting People: I was quite impressed by what Tom Christiaens does with quindo, where students from ‘difficult’ backgrounds make radio: very different setting from mine, but very similar inspiration, views and goals… Roel Berger presented the jini quantified self framework – wish their app would finally be public! And Vero Vanden Abbeele showed a nice example of the tension between apps that try to help us improve our lives and … just living our lives.

And I liked the music too: Goedele Taveirne and Ynoji – quite different, but then I am a man of many tastes…


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