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19 May 2014 / erikduval

Chemo 3: almost boring and … a cancer card!

What can I say. I’ve had my third chemo session last Thursday. And I’m fine.

One can get used to a lot of things. And, a bit in contradiction with what I read and thus expected, I actually seem to recover better as we move along this chemo thing. That’s good. I do get more unexpected waves of nausea with no apparent trigger, which is a bit less good.

Anyway, this may have been the boring chemo session. Right before the next one, I will have a PET scan that will tell us whether the chemo is working. That will be a bit more exciting. The then next one, my bone marrow will be tested: it should be clear enough of cancer cells to be able to take my own stem cells for an autologous transplant a bit later. That will be a bit more exciting too. And the then next chemo session, if all goes well (fingers rather strenuously crossed), will be my last ‘normal’ one. Thereafter, I will have a Real Big One, the one that requires the autologous transplant of my own stem cells in order to recover. That should all be quite exciting too…

But, for now, a little bit less excitement is fine and I’m happy to have passed my most boring session. I think I will go enjoy my cancer card a bit… (Thank you, Ilke!)

2014-05-19 12.46.37



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  1. Rudi Maelbrancke / May 19 2014 4:03 pm


    Read your message on Linked-In today,
    Read your blog and was thinking why?

    But after all, knowing you always found the right words to convince your environment, I am sure and see that you find the right words to convince yourself to bridge this period, keep on doing this, you are right!

    Always open for a chat or support!


    • erikduval / May 20 2014 7:33 pm

      Thx, Rudi – appreciate the support…

  2. els duval (@elimduval) / May 20 2014 1:41 pm

    that’s the interesting part of the card: you are not having cancer, you are battling it. Together with the ” boring chemo” … Although you are not a star wars fan: may the force be with you, lymphoma warrior! ;0
    still your buscr

  3. erikduval / May 20 2014 7:32 pm

    ‘Lymphoma warrior’ – I’ll wear that title with pride!

    (If I was so inclined, I would set up a T-shirt franchise on that theme…)


  1. We may need you! (no worries, not cancer related…) | Erik Duval's Weblog

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