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17 September 2014 / erikduval

From CHOP to DHAP: acronym soup to get well… And thank YOU!

I’m doing OK. PET on Monday showed further partial remission (good), but not complete remission (bad).
Apparently, options for further treatment are more opinion than science – I guess that’s the drawback for being a rare case 😉 There’s just not that many data… Because of that reason, we also obtained a second and a third opinion. As a result, the plan today looks rather different from the one yesterday, which was different from the one on Monday 😉
Anyway, it looks pretty sure now that, after my earlier treatment with CHOP chemo, I will have two sessions of DHAP, the first one being tomorrow. (I like that – why waste time?) These sessions involve a few days in the hospital, but I should be back on my feet on Monday. The second DHAP session will be in three weeks from now.
The hope is that these extra sessions will lead to full remission. If so, then the next step is intensive chemo and stem cell transplant three weeks thereafter. Most importantly, longer term probabilities look good…
In the mean time, I keep receiving messages from many of you that really touch me.
Some of you send me private messages: thanks. Really: thanks! I’m amazed by how many of you remember to send the occasional message to check in and ask how I’m doing. You have no idea how much difference that makes. Really.
And some of you write an editorial of “collective love and support“. Thank you! I guess most people never get an opportunity to read such editorials about themselves, because they typically can no longer read as such editorials typically appear after they passed away. (No, I don’t believe in an afterlife. That’s a topic for another post…) Made me think of “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” 😉 Reading this editorial was a nice surprise. Thanks, Negin, Dragan, Phil and Shane. Really: thanks! We should have a decent glass of wine and talk about Stuff at LAK15

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  1. lrenshaw11 / Sep 17 2014 11:56 pm

    Hi Erik glad to get ur update . You are often in my thoughts as I have great respect for you sharing your journey with such intelligent dignity. Just know that as well as those wonderful messages you get others thoughts are with u in all the corners of our shared world.

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