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10 October 2014 / erikduval

Victim of the Good News Curse…

Maybe there is a certain curse in public writing about your health: I’ve read somewhere before (sorry, my chemo brain can’t find the exact post, but whatever you read on David’s blog is worth your time) that whenever you post a positive story, something bad will happen next.

I guess my previous post was a bit too optimistic 😉

Yesterday, I went to the hospital to start my last round of ‘regular’ DHAP chemo. My expectation was to feel Really Sick from Saturday until mid of the week. The good news: I am back from the hospital, at home, feeling fine. The bad news: the reason is that the level of white blood cells in my blood is too low. (I shouldn’t have called that post ‘Good Blood Snowflake’. Maybe ‘Reasonably OK Blood’ would have been fine…) If I get chemo now, it will take too long to get back on my feet. That’s a bit of a disappointment, as I really want to keep making progress with my treatment…

Anyway, the current plan is that I go back into hospital next Monday. If my blood is OK then, I will have my last round of ‘regular’ chemo next week and we will just have a few days delay. Three weeks after, I will have another PET scan and then I will probably start my autologous stem cell transplant.

For now, I’m enjoying doing a bit of work and look forward to a nice Family Weekend.

I hope that doesn’t sound too optimistic, so that I do not invoke the Good News Curse again…



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  1. Barbara / Oct 13 2014 9:45 am

    Hope both weekend and blood levels were good…
    You must have someone else state it for you to counter any curse.
    Good luck!

  2. / Oct 15 2014 7:54 am

    I will state it for my brother: his white blood cells were good so he is in for another battle together with his ” chemo-buddies”.

    • erikduval / Oct 15 2014 9:14 am

      Thanks, Els, it’s good to have a personal blogging assistant for this kind of situation!

  3. Kockelkoren / Oct 17 2015 4:18 pm

    You call it Good news curse, but I don’t believe in that. Because of your optimism your battles are won and almost the war too. That you lost some prints and time in your battles doesn’t imply bad luck or bad karma but Good strategy.
    So keep going for the Good Vines and blog every optimistic thing you see or feel and hold on to that. Optimism heals…

    Greetz Chris


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