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15 October 2014 / erikduval

Pills, Thrills And Bellyaches

My Great Sister chemo buddy was so nice to break the news:

I will state it for my brother: his white blood cells were good so he is in for another battle together with his ” chemo-buddies”.

So, I guess that breaks the Good News Curse and I can safely tell you that my next DHAP round has started. I’ve been in hospital since last Monday. First two days typically go fine – actually got some Good Work done, including a proposal for a workshop on Visual Approaches to Learning Analytics for LAK15 – which could be one of my come-back events if things go well…

Since yesterday evening, I’m on Valium and Temesta: both work against feelings of anxiety, which is not why I get them (I think). They make you sleepy, which is a nice side effect in this case. And they work against nausea, which is why I take them. I’m also on Ement, which should also help with nausea. And will soon get something else for hiccups. And allopurinol and Zantac. I’ve had more medication in the last six months than in the previous 48,5 years of my life 😉 Just mentioning, because many of you send me advice on what to take to get rid of nausea.

For now, I’m feeling fine, though a bit drowsy (no wonder, with the Valium and Temesta). And a bit curious about what the next days will bring. Made me think of “Pills, Thrills And Bellyaches” – a record I used to like a lot at the time. It’s about somewhat different pills and thrills, but rather similar bellyaches 😉 Enjoy!



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  1. José Mota / Oct 15 2014 11:49 am

    Well, if the name counts for something, these guys were real optimists :-). They also made some nive music. I hope everything goes well in this yet another battle.

  2. erikduval / Oct 15 2014 12:07 pm

    Thanks, Jose: they were a special bunch, part of a rather interesting scene…

  3. fvanassche / Oct 16 2014 8:48 am

    Hi Erik,
    Best wishes for your continued battle and thanks for blogging about it over time. It is very effective.

  4. Yves Willems / Oct 20 2014 9:41 pm

    Erik, hou je kloek!
    Zelf lig ik nu reeds meer dan 3 maand (met tussenin een viertal korte verblijven thuis) in Gasthuisberg, na een urologische ingreep. Telkens moet ik via spoedgevallen terug binnen met een andere infectie…
    Ik bewonder je moed en openheid, en wens je uit alle hart een succesvolle afloop!
    Yves Willems

  5. Gert-Jan Hüfken / Oct 24 2014 6:06 pm

    Hi Erik en gezin,

    Heel veel succes met deze fase van de medische mangel, ik hoop dat je met je moedige instelling binnenkort een goed resultaat mag vieren !


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