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22 November 2014 / erikduval

Worst. Person. Ever.

No, this is not an announcement of my auto-biography. (I bet you saw that coming – sorry…)

2014-11-22 18.18.43

On the picture, you see the small hospital library that I took with me for my heavy-dose-chemotherapy-followed-by-autlogous-cell-transplant that will keep me in an isolation room for the next 3 weeks. (Maybe more about that in some future post…)

Actually, I read Coupland’s latest a few days ago. It’s the kind of book that’s difficult to put aside. I kept thinking “I’l just read a few lines from the next chapter. Actually, let me read a few pages. Well, that was a short chapter. Let me just read a few lines from the next chapter.” Etc.

Hey, if you can write sentences like

What is a bus but failure crystallised into the form of two storeys of metal, painted red, hurled out into the world to hoover up losers from the streets of London.

then I’ll read your book too and chances are high I will find it hard to put aside too. Someone who can write like that can write my biography and call it “Worst. Person. Ever.” Anytime!

As an aside, what is it about Canadians? I have only a handful of friends, but half of them are Canadian. Joni Mitchel is Canadian, Neil Young is Canadian, Robbie Robertson is Canadian, Leonard Cohen is Canadian, … My kids are teenagers now, but if we still had to get started raising a family, I would consider moving to Canada to give them a head start in life.



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  1. gsiemens / Nov 22 2014 7:41 pm

    Hi Erik – I wish you well as you spend the next 3 weeks in isolation – you have a good selection of books to work through! I look forward to seeing you at LAK15!!!

  2. erikduval / Nov 22 2014 9:07 pm

    Thanks, George: I think you’re another one to add to that impressive list of impressive Canadians…

  3. carpetbomberz / Nov 22 2014 9:33 pm

    It’s funny you mention that Canadian phenomenon. I’ve noticed it too. One of the more underrated cultural centers of the world. I’ve marveled every time I’ve visited Montreal and Toronto. And in the visual realms, I count Norman McLaren, Michael Snow and good Ol’ David Cronenberg as some of my faves. McLaren is a transplant to Canada from Scotland, but is still fully Canadian. And Glenn Gould in the classical music arena. There’s a lot of them about and we forget their all from Canada.

  4. erikduval / Nov 23 2014 11:40 am

    Well, we have Jacques Brel and Magritte, and Belgium is a much smaller country, but still, there is something about Canada…

  5. @CosmoCat / Nov 24 2014 4:08 pm

    Thanks Erik for sharing about those books ! I wish you well for the upcoming weeks. And I agree there is something about Belgium too because many of my heroes are Belgian and you ARE one of them !

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