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13 March 2015 / erikduval

History of Human-Computer Interaction

This is the history of Human-Computer Interaction according to my students


They start in 1951. That is actually not too bad: I’ve had students start in 1750 or in 1985 before…

And this is how I see it

I keep being puzzled by how fast things seem to go on the one hand (I learned to program using punch cards. Which makes me about 350 years old according to some of my students), yet how slow it seems to go on the other hand (We haven’t made that much progress since Doug’s original vision.)…


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  1. Teemu Leinonen (@teemul) / May 27 2015 6:35 am

    Great presentation. In my class I tell the story very similarly. One interesting addition to this is to take a look of the CHI / HCI from the design and science fiction point of view. See: (These are slides of Aksu Anttila, a visitor in my course.

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