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15 March 2015 / erikduval

Not (just) mr. Cancer Guy anymore…

Since a year, most of my posts here have been about my struggle with cancer.

Well, struggle… Let’s say that cancer tried to kill me, and that I underwent the chemo treatment and tried to stay alive, with the help of many friends. It didn’t feel like a struggle, it felt more like hanging in and hoping that the light I could see at the other end of the tunnel wasn’t an approaching train…

Anyway, I never stopped working. That is one thing that kept me sane. It was nice to think about other things than Life and Death. After my autologous stem cell transplant late November, I also started going back regularly to the office in January. And, after a short trip to The Netherlands 2 weeks ago, I will also start Real Work Travel again tomorrow, with a trip to New York for the LAK15 conference.


That means that there will be more non-cancer posts here in the coming weeks and months. I actually hope there will be very few cancer posts after a while, as that would probably mean cancer has become a non-issue in my life, or at least a much less important issue. I do have a next checkup scheduled for end of April, and will continue to have these checks for years to come. I also give talks and the occasional interview about my experience, but I don’t want to live the rest of my life as mr. Cancer Guy.

So, if you really enjoy my cancer posts, then there may be some more coming. But I hope you will enjoy my other posts even more. Technology! Learning! Computer science! That sounds even more fun than cancer, no?



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  1. alanmarkberg / Mar 15 2015 8:31 pm

    Looking forward to seeing you at LAK15.

  2. Tinne / Mar 16 2015 7:08 am

    Let’s hope for very few cancer posts on the future!
    Enjoy LAK2015!

  3. Αgro-Κnow / Apr 28 2015 2:21 pm

    The whole team wishes you all the best Erik – we can live without cancer-related blog posts as long as you are fine with it (and fine in general!). Be strong!


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