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1 July 2015 / erikduval

Big and Bright

Today, I drove my youngest to her scout camping site. She will spend the next 12 days without a mobile, without money, without many of the other things we sometimes feel we need… Oh, and without me – which left me a bit sad on the way back.

Walking back to the car (the camp site is rather remote), I did see a wild deer – which made me feel better. Temperatures today were above 30 degrees Celsius, which is uncommon for Belgium. During the 3 hours drive home (in my comfortable air-conditioned car), I turned the volume up Real Loud when they played this song on the radio:

I’m not much of a dancer, but I enjoyed singing along in the car. And now, the moon really is “big and bright”. Maybe I can try dancing on our sun terrace and hope nobody will see me…

Today was a good day.


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