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2 July 2015 / erikduval

Reasonable Response #Wereallgreeks

Let me be honest: I do have some issues with the Greeks… I mean: they are responsible for Demis Rousos and Nana Mouskouri! One of them would have been bad enough… But then the Germans gave us James Last. And the British Engelbert Humperdinck. Still, nobody argues that this is sufficient reason to throw the Germans or the British out?

And, you see, that is exactly what I think is wrong with the ongoing discussion about a Grexit. Throwing the Greeks out should not have been an option we discuss seriously. Because it is not a reasonable response to the current situation. For me, that is like discussing firing nuclear missiles to Moscow because we don’t like Putin’s policies. I don’t like Putin’s policies. But sending nuclear missiles is not a reasonable response.

We need to work out the current issues. In a dialogue. Discussing reasonable responses to the situation. Not by trying to blackmail one another into submission.

For crying out loud, even the word “Europe” has Greek roots!

Europa copy

Europa and the Bull – Red-Figure Stamnos, Tarquinia Museum, circa 480 BC



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  1. Don't Ever Read Me / Jul 2 2015 7:27 pm

    Reblogged this on Don't Ever Read Me.

  2. JoB / Jul 2 2015 9:24 pm

    Unforrunately the concept of reasonable is completely out of fashion with our generation of politicians.

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