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21 September 2015 / erikduval

Almost clean and rather exhausted…

I’m almost clean: last Friday, I had  CT scan – turns out that at least 95% of the Bad Tumors are gone. It’s unclear whether the remaining 5% is still active or not. I was pretty pleased with the news, close to the best we could get. If this is a war I’m engaged in (and it sure does feel that way sometimes), then this is a battle won.

But the war isn’t finished. The trick is that we need to move fast, so that the Bad Tumors don’t have time to come back. But we need to proceed slowly enough, so that I can recover in between treatments. That’s why I’ll be back in the hospital next Wednesday, for a few days of chemo treatment with Methotrexate. Then I’ll spend another week at home and then three weeks in hospital for more intensive chemo. Then a week or two at home and then another three weeks in hospital with the stem cell transplant.

It’s a schedule that has its advantages: it looks likely that the main treatment will be over before the end-of-year period!

Oh, and I’m “rather exhausted”. What can I say? I’m a bit more tired than just tired. I sleep a lot, read a little (just finished a Stalin biography – the older I get, the more my reading habits resemble my father’s…) and I check my email and social media from time to time, where your messages of support keep doing just that: supporting me. Thank you so much!



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  1. Jeroen Baert (@jbaert) / Sep 21 2015 5:40 pm

    So glad to read this, Eric. Very good news indeed, I hope further treatment will eradicate the remaining bad cells!

  2. dougclow / Sep 22 2015 7:47 am

    Thinking of you and sending best wishes, as always. Good luck riding the balance between hard-and-fast enough to knock out the Bad Tumors and gentle-and-slow enough to keep the Good Erik going.

  3. Karine Nicolay / Sep 22 2015 8:09 am

    Goeie vooruitzichten toch! Goeie moed!

  4. Wilfred Rubens / Sep 22 2015 8:29 am

    Sterkte er mee!

  5. aspirinchik / Sep 22 2015 8:41 am

    Hi, Erik!

    you are a brave man. It is nice to hear that nearly everything is gone, your struggle is worth to do and i wish you a lot of power to do this last step which will be successful because you desire to recover.

    I believe that thoughts do a lot. You are nearly there. Keep on going and believing and being optimistic and happy to every day and you will manage it.

    Zina Petrushyna (RWTH Aachen)

  6. siavogel / Sep 22 2015 9:13 am

    En door maar weer dus. Maar voorlopig even goed nieuws. Wat een intensieve periode. En over de ‘war’ of de strijd tegen kanker, je gevecht is misschien vooral met enige moed volhouden en ondergaan wat nodig is. Sterkte weer daarmee.

  7. persico1957 / Sep 22 2015 11:41 am

    Great! we have say in Italian, but the metaphore should work in any language: “Keep tightening your teeth!”. I believe the English equivalent is “Keep biting the bullet”,
    … and enjoy your week at home!

  8. Alastair Dunning / Sep 22 2015 8:52 pm

    Great to hear this Eric – I will keep throwing arrows at the Bad Tumours !

  9. sis / Sep 23 2015 5:27 pm

    succes vandaag met de MTX bro-warrior!

  10. Kati Clements / Sep 23 2015 7:40 pm

    This is great news indeed. I read your blog from time to time, but I think I’ve never commented. I think I’ve met you years ago in one of those EU project meetings in Leuven. I’m doing my PhD in Finland on success of Learning repositories so I have spent this week reading your papers and suddenly felt the need to check up on your war. I am so very pleased to hear these news – your work is an inspiration to all of us in the field of TEL, but more importantly reading this blog has a profound impact I feel, on something maybe on an entirely different level of existence. Thank you for everything. Kati Clements

  11. Marian / Oct 12 2015 1:56 pm

    If my calculations are correct, you are in hospital right now. Wishing you well and keeping my fingers crossed for you (b*gger the bad tumors).

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