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10 April 2008 / erikduval

Chris Johnson@Namahn

After my visit to Namahn last week, I discovered their podcast series. The interview with Chris Johnson from the University of Glasgow resonated strongly with my theme of “What Went Wrong“.

In fact, it made me realize why I enjoy the “air crash investigation” series on Discovery Channel: basically, every air crash is investigated in great detail because it is an excellent opportunity for learning!

Obviously, something goes wrong before a crash. When we learn from that, we can avoid it in future – otherwise we are destined to repeat the incident. Talk about a real-world incentive. Better learning is less people dying! (I once read something very similar on a brochure for military training…)

Anyway, the Namahn series is a nice addition to my podcast subscriptions. The only drawback so far? I was listening to the episode with Chris Johnson, who explained that, as an air crash investigator, he is sometimes wary of boarding a plan … on the bus from Gatwick to Heathrow…

BTW, is there an equivalent for a blogroll to display the podcasts one is subscribed to?


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