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18 April 2008 / erikduval

LOM status

Phil Barker provides a nice summary of the current LOM status.

In summary the LOM has been reaffirmed as an IEEE Standard, will be corrected through a corrigendum, is converging with other metadata approaches and may possibly be renewed in the light of what we have learned about metadata since it was designed.

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 23 April, at the LTSC meeting in Dallas. We will start at 11 am local time and finish at 3 pm local time.

We will probably use this flashmeeting session for remote participants. You’re welcome: the meeting is, as always, open to all. If you want to put an item on the agenda, then please send me a note in advance. Otherwise, the proposed agenda is:

  1. welcome, roll call
  2. reaffirmation: ballot result and resolution
  3. corrigenda: ballot initiation
  4. DCAM and RDF PAR: status and organising the work
  5. metadata2.0
  6. wrap-up

Hope to continue the good progress we’ve made over the last few months!


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