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4 July 2013 / erikduval

Learning Analytics and Quantified Self at LASI13

LASI13 is in full swing: it’s a nice group here in Stanford and there are 10 local events throughout the world.


(Networked conferences should really be explored further. Face to face meetings are nice, but sometimes difficult to fit in and I wonder whether we wouldn’t be able to make on-line events work better than face-to-face ones with all the technology we have. Hey, I sent a twitter message to the person sitting next to me in a session yesterday, despite the fact that we had both travelled across an ocean to be in Stanford…)

Above are the slides I used for my session on ‘learning analytics and quantified self’. I would write a bit more about what happened at the workshop, but you can get all the details from Doug’s wonderful #lasi13 lifeblog

Basically, Abelardo and I asked participants to identify data that would be useful to track in order to have a good view on how the learning process is proceeding. We then asked people to design a scenario that demonstrates the added value of a quantified self approach. We ended the afternoon with a discussion on the research challenges in this area. Again, Doug provides many more details… A big thank you to all who participated – sure got me thinking about new things to try.

And maybe you have some suggestions for data to track in a learning context? Or maybe you know of some other work in this area? If so, I’d love to hear more…!


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